Pärnu Kuninga Tänava Põhikool, Estonia

Pärnu Kuninga Street Basic School is situated in the school building founded in 1875. A large number of the first government of the Republic of Estonia, many cultural and music action figures have studied in this building. The honourable history of Pärnu Kuninga Street Basic School has established a strong basis and set the direction to raise today’s youth through the school’s traditions and common values. Today Pärnu Kuninga Street Basic School is an integrated school where basic education is made available through national school curriculum but also through simplified curriculum. There are 513 students among which 60 study on the basis of simplified curriculum. These 60 students have special educational needs.

The concept of Pärnu Kuninga Street Basic School is the concept of an inclusive school and its motto is more tolerance. School culture accepts every student’s specific features and capabilities. The emphasis lies on the student development which precondition is cooperation at every level. Students are supported and their progress is evaluated according to their abilities. Our school has unified values and behavioural standards. Teaching staff aims at being concentrated on all sides of learning and teaching process (teaching learning skills, using modern teaching methods, supporting creative and exploring activities). Special attention is paid to teaching natural and exact sciences in modern learning environment and using contemporary tools and methods. A lot depends on the teacher, i.e. on their skills to teach the subject, to assess all the students fairly, on their friendly attitude and patience.

It is considered very important to develop functional literacy. Teaching learning skills starts in Form 1 with one separate lesson a week. In Form 7 students start learning Estonian and mathematics in two different groups based on their interests and abilities. In addition to, students who are extremely capable and deeply interested in mathematics or those who need additional support have an opportunity to get some extra practise working in a very small group with a highly qualified teacher during their maths lesson once a week. So, it is guaranteed that all the students can work according to their abilities. Students are encouraged to participate in the work of Tartu University research school. In Form 7 students prepare a creative work in groups. In Form 8 all the students write a research paper as an individual work. Students are guided by a teacher and they choose a topic based on their interests and abilities.

The integration between subjects and the development of a comprehensive world view are both very important in every lesson. Students are taught to analyse, to draw conclusions and to find links between different subjects. Parents are partners in supporting the development of their children.

Students are given an opportunity to take part in different olympiads, competitions and quizzes. There is a systematic cooperation with the preceding and the following school level to basic education, with hobby schools.Natural science teachers do project works with Pärnu secondary schools in order to use their labs and equipment. Learning skills lessons take place in hobby schools (e.g. art and the study of musical instruments). In that way we use the best teachers in town to develop students’ skills.

To ensure the professional development of teachers’ skills school works together with the University of Tartu and Tallinn. We participate in various pilot projects and studies in order to be informed about the innovations in the field of education. School is a place for practical training for both Tartu and Tallinn Universities. Every year we organize an educational conference in cooperation with universities.

The school has participated in Comenius and Erasmus+.

Pärnu Kuninga Street Basic School has received a leading quality award.


To ensure to all the students equal opportunities in their studying process at school.

To apply a learning environment for learners to support individual and social development, to develop their learning skills, creativity, adaptability and entrepreneurship for creating opportunities for the ability to learn further and succeed in society.


  1. The school is managed in a competent way and all the decisions necessary for good management of the school are made with care.
  2. The school has competent and motivated teachers.
  3. The school has a modern and safe learning and working environment.
  4. Students have excellent learning outcomes and achievements based on their abilities.
  5. The school has a warm atmosphere, its own symbols and traditions.
  6. We are reliable and innovative partners and open for cooperation.
  7. In the school, we have warm, friendly and trustworthy relationships and each member of the school team is responsible for their choices.


  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Students’ efforts based on their abilities
  • Students’ learning motivation

The school has very good cooperation between different organizations in Pärnu:

– Rajaleidja (in translation: Pathfinder) – career counseling center which provides group and individual counseling, lectures, workshops, meetings with people representing different jobs…

– Õppenõustamiskeskus (in translation: Study Counseling Center) – students are helped by social pedagogues, study counselors, psychologues. The center offers us individual work with problematic students and also preventional activities for groups and classes.

– PEAK – Pärnumaa Ettevõtlus- ja Arenduskeskus – The Center of Entrepreneurship and Development of the Region of Pärnu – offers us lectures, trainings, workshops about the bases of economics, sense of entrepreneurship…

– Pernova educational center – offers learning program for students in natural sciences

– projects supported by KIK (Environment Investigation Center) – different projects and learning trips/excursions in the town, region and country. Programs about importance of protection of environment, specific local plants and animals, enviromental issues…

Many different persons with different skills and experiences will be involved in the project:

– project manager: has carried out many international projects in different schools of Pärnu

– language teachers (English, French, German): have experiences with students’ exchanges and international projects

– school’s direction: are deeply interested in cooperative work in European level, are very supportive towards international projects.

– class teachers: would like to participate with their whole class; are ready to invest their lessons for project work

Contact information of the school:

Pärnu Kuninga Tänava Põhikoo

Kuninga 29, Pärnu
tel (+372) 44 37 958
(+372) 4437948
email: koidula.sade@kuninga.parnu.ee



Email: urve.krause@kuninga.parnu.ee

Tel (+372) 4437948

Project coordinator of the school:


Email: lraalvirks@gmail.com

Tel: +372 5650 9699